America Suicidal?

I ran across an article today that was very disturbing. This article was reporting the results of a recent study into suicides in America. The report stated that in the last decades more suicides have taken place on Wednesdays as opposed to Mondays now. I'm not focusing on the fact that the shift of suicides from Monday to Wednesday but the fact that it was that many suicides that have happened that they could do a study on.

What did they accredit this change to? A decrease of job security and an increase of stress.

What is going on in the world today? We as kingdom people, we need to a much better job of reaching the people of the world to let them know that Jesus is their provider and their peace. Insecurity and stress at any level in any situation is a trick of the enemy.

The bible teaches us in Matthew chapter 6: to seek the kingdom of God first and by doing so all these things will be added unto us. The book of Jeremiah chapter 7 states that blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord and whose hope the Lord is.

So saints we have to do a better job reaching people in the world and lead them to Christ. We have to go to another level in our prayer life. We have take the lessons from the trials and tribulations that we have endure through Christ that others will receive Jesus as their savior, that they too will make it through their storm and will give God all the glory for He is worthy to be praised.

God Bless,

Ewing Ikard II

"If you don't like what you are POSSESSING; change what you are CONFESSING"
--Pastor William Hudson III

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