The Devil is a Lie!!

The devil is a lie!!

I have just read this article and was so appalled by what is going on. This article is saying this man is going around "de-baptizing" people. Now what in the world is going through his mind or possesd him to believe something like this. Nothing but the devil. We have to pray harder because there is a war going on and this is evidence of that. This is beyond ridiculous! I have never heard anything like this before.

In Jesus name I cast this demonic spirit into dry land that it shall live no more. Father have mercy for those we took part in this blasphemy and touch their hearts that they repent and turn away from this to never take part in something like this ever again. Satan you have no place touching God's children. In Jesus name I decree and declare this act will be shut down and destroyed.


God Bless,

Ewing Ikard II

"If you don't like what you are POSSESSING; change what you are CONFESSING"

--Pastor William Hudson III

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