Perceiving and Perception

Out recently with the family making some weekend errands and one of our errands lead us to Kmart. While in Kmart we went to the toy aisle so our 4 year old daughter could pick out some toys. During this time in the toy aisle while she is trying to buy everything she saw, I turned and notice an interesting display.

There was a candy display sponsored by the movie "Twilight". That was only the first thing I saw wrong, that particular movie being in the little kids aisle. "Twilight" is a movie deals with vampires and the powers of the darkness, witchcraft and sorcery. I have a problem with this message being broadcasted to children. We all know that kids are like sponges and are easily influenced and gullible. So we, as parents, role models, and mentors have to make a strong stand to pay attention to the seeds that are sublimely being planted in our children. This display carrying this message was no coincidence, it did not just happen to be there. This display was strategically placed in the direct view where the children can see it bright as day in a toy aisle.

Now! This particular display was carrying a very powerful product that attracts kids, "CANDY". So, you have a display strategically placed in the midst of children’s' two favorite things; toys and candy. So even those children that may not even know how to read just yet, they know what candy is; they are drawn to it and a seed is being planted.

Next, is what was even more disturbing was the name of the candy, "Forbidden Fruits". We all should know the history behind the "Forbidden Fruit", this was the fruit that Adam par took of that lead to the fall of man, that lead to sin being introduced. Even the flavors of the candy had what I would call "interesting" names: "Secret Strawberry"; "Passion Fruit"; "Orange Obsession"; and "Tempting Apple". A revelation depicted a trick of the enemy, a very powerful tool that the enemy tries to use to torture and lead us away from God. So let us look a little bit deeper into the names of the candy and see the message that is translated: "Tempting" of a "Secret" "Passion" or "Obsession".

So let's recap. First, we have in a toy aisle, a candy display that is sponsored or supported by a movie that depicts vampires, sorcery, witchcraft and darkness. Then the display is promoting candy that is called "Forbidden Fruit" with such interesting flavors which includes: "Secret Strawberry"; "Passion Fruit"; "Orange Obsession"; and "Tempting Apple". This translates to a message that depicts a tool of the enemy: “Tempting” of a “Secret” “Passion” or “Obsession”. Interesting to say the least, but definitely something that should put a check in our spirit that we must play close attention to what our children are exposed to. We pray that God strengthen our spiritual eye to see beyond the natural and see the unseen seeds that are being planted in our kids as well as ourselves.

God Bless,


"If you don't like what you are POSSESSING; change what you are CONFESSING" --Pastor William Hudson III

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  1. sometimes we forget about the planted seeds that lead to to downfalls and destruction, we must pray to keep our eyes, ears and mouth in check for our children and for ourselves.


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