Raising a Successful Generation

I witness something very interesting at lunch today; something that real open my eyes to the values being taught to kids today.

When I was on lunch eating at one of my favorite establishments for this time;while ordering an awesome chopped steak, cheese, lettuce and steak sauce w/ a side of fries and a brisk ice tea. Something off on the side caught my eye. It was a young girl, probably around the age of 12 or 13 ringing out a dish towel and cleaning tables. She was working, learning the value of hard work and the value of the dollar. She is no doubt the daughter of the owner of the store; which in translation she's learning about ownership. That she can instead of hoping for a good job after college, being a owner is being instilled in her. Whether she get an allowance for the work she does or not the values being rooted into her are priceless.

Now this had me further thinking about are young black kids. A lot of young black kids are not exposed to values such as these. They do not know what it means to be involved with ownership. They in turn chose a life of fast money, illegal money. So many of our average black households are either: single parent homes, below or right at the poverty line, working a job living from paycheck to paycheck or in debt. Does these factors contribute to certain values being taught at home?

That being said leads me to my main focus point: Are their different values being taught depending on the race or ethnicity? or Values are being taught based on the opportunities given?

God Bless,
Ewing Ikard II

"If you don't like what you are POSSESSING; change what you are CONFESSING"
--Pastor William Hudson III

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