Why Me Lord?

“Why Me Lord?”

In day to day life we encounter struggles and obstacles on the path to our ultimate destination that God has chose for us. These barriers can range differently and are personal or unique to each of us. Whether it is a money issue, family, work related, some type of illness; we all have at some point in time reached a barrier. At this barrier is where worry, stress and doubt in our very own faith. We find ourselves asking questions like: “Why am I going through this?” or “Why me Lord? Why?!”

We wreck our brains stressing ourselves pondering: “Okay, I pay my tithes, give my offering, go to church, and even serve on a ministry. To the best of my knowledge and ability I’m living righteously. So why is this happening to me Lord?” We continue to struggle to find answers; repenting for any known and unknown sins we might have committed, causing more doubt. However, when in doubt look to the Word and find assurance.

To give an illumination to he question “Why Me Lord?” Lets look at John 11 where we find the recording of the miracle of Lazarus being raised from the dead. There is a very interesting illumination to receive here. Lazarus sickness was the obstacle in his situation. Now keep in mind that Lazarus was Jesus’ good friend, they were so close that the bible says when Jesus heard the news that Lazarus had died that “Jesus wept” (John 11:35). I am sure that Lazarus had some of the same questions that we have today “Why I am going through this?” Especially with being good friends with Jesus; would you not think that Jesus’ would have made sure that Lazarus would be 100% healthy?

The answer to our questions comes in the 4th verse of John 11 in which Jesus said:
“This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God might be glorified thereby” John 11:4

So you see even the obstacles in our lives have a purpose. We are living testimonies of the goodness, grace, and mercy of God. Some trials and storms that God allows us to go through are so that in the end He will be glorified. Through these storms we also gain wisdom, knowledge, and understanding and a strengthen faith to pass along to prevent somebody else from going through a similar situation that they may not be able to handle. This is why it is so important not to be ashamed of what God has brought you out of. Your testimony can be a life saver to someone else. Which is also why it is so, so, important to be involved with our youth and not be so quick to turn our backs or noses at them. Do not forget about the mess we were in, caused, or were affected by when we were their ages. Some of us faced the same wars they are facing. Some of us were fornicators; some of us were drug addicts; some of us gang bangers; some us were pimps, playas, hoes, prostitutes, alcoholics, abused (sexually, mentally, or physically), did not feel loved or respected. We have no right to disown our youth, we are to love them and fight for them and I am not just talking about our own biological kids!!

We went through what we went through and we go through what we go through for a purpose. That purpose is so somewhere along our path to our pre-destined destination that God will be glorified along the way.

Be Blessed and as always Be Encouraged

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