Word for the Day Tue, Nov 24, 2009

"For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." 2Tim1.7.NKJV

This is the word for the day & this is one of many of my personal favorite scriptures. Such power, such relevance, such encouragement comes from this scripture. It truly speaks volumes.

The 1st part of the scripture is very powerful. It ensures us that in all that God has saw fit to bless us with, one of those things was not fear. If God, didn't give us something then we should not have it. FEAR is not of God.

However what God does give us in this scripture is the wisdom of how the enemy uses fear to attack us & the blessing that overcome the attacks of fear.

1) Fear is defined as an attack in the spirit. The enemy is very tricky & very cunning. He knows that he is already defeated so he tries to trick us with different attacks to forfeit our predestined victory.

So God blessed us with the spirit of Power. Power to fend of any attack that the enemy has. Power to bind or put a restraining order on the attacks in the spirit. Power to loose demon spirits from their assignment. Power to decree & declare things into existence (which is why it is extremely important to watch what we say out of our mouth, because our words have power to them).

2) Fear comes & attacks in the form of anger, unforgiving, & misunderstanding.

God gave us the spirit of Love. That even though we may be angry we have the spirit of Love that we sin not.

Even though someone has done something wrong, tried to destroy your name & character, & tried to afflict us, God gave us the spirit of Love that we may forgive them.

Even though we may not understand something or someone, even though we may disagree or have different views because they didn't wear your shoes & you didn't wear theirs; God has given us the spirit of Love that we can still respect one another.

3) Fear comes in the form of stress, worry, & doubt. What this attack does is that it takes situations & magnify it to our natural eye. If its a financial problem, all the bill collectors are calling at the same time wanting money by the end of the week & on top of that its the week that you don't get paid. If its an unemployment situation, when you wake up in the morning the first thing you hear on the news is that "Unemployment rates are at an all-time high". If it's a problem in a marriage, insecurities and doubt come into the relationship, you start looking for something to blame your mate for.

But God! But God!! But God gave us the blessing of a sound mind. They as long as we keep our mind stayed on Him, and keep our trust in the Lord we will be blessed, we will be provided for. As long as we keep His word, as long as we do His work, as long as we submit our will unto the Lord, He will keep us. Our finances will be blessed, our homes will be blessed, our families will be blessed, our marriages will be blessed, where ever our feet tread upon will be blessed, the works our hands will be blessed.

In Jesus mighty name!!

Be blessed & as always BE ENCOURAGED!!

God Bless,

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  1. WONDERFUL...I could have used this in 2008 but thank God that I was able to see this in 2009 so I can carry this to 2010 and beyond...


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