Your “ALL” is Not Enough and Your “ALL” is Not Impossible Part. 1

A lot of times we read or hear scriptures and not realize the power of the Word of God. A lot of people have become accustomed to hearing the scripture, shouting an "Amen", shouting a "Yes, Lord" and not taking the time to go deeper in the scripture, deeper power and meaning. The Spirit spoke to me and gave me a Word to study and a Word to share. The spirit said that your "All" is too limited; do not put limitations on what God want to do for you. That hit me hard, and I felt lead to share that with you all. Don't put limitations on what God wants or can do for you. So as always the Spirit took me to the Word to give me a greater illumination of this message ministered by the Spirit.

The Spirit first took me to a more than familiar scripture, but the greatest thing about the Word of God is that is everlasting and each time you read it you can get a different illumination. You can read the same scripture ten times and get a different ministry from it. That's how awesome God's Word is. The scripture that the Spirit took me to is found in Eph. 3:20:

"Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power worketh in us" Eph 3:20

The Spirit began to deal with me on this particular passage and asked me a question. Now, it is my personal belief that when God asks a question it is only to simplify it for me to get an understanding; that He is trying to teach me something. God is an all knowing God, He knows everything, He sees everything, and He planned everything, so for God to ask a question it is only to benefit me. When God asks a question instead of just telling me what He wants to say I have to pay extra attention.

The question, "If there was a list from God's people stating what their "all" is that they would have God to do, material wise, what would that list be compiled of?" People asked or seek God for these top things: Bills being paid, past debts being paid, new house, new car, new job or promotion, some sort or reference of personal gain will monopolize that list. The Spirit continued to minister, teaching that the "all" goes beyond what you can see or perceive that have a high chance of coming to pass. "All" goes beyond just believing or asking God for a new house, but asking God for a new house and income property, "All" goes beyond asking God for a new job, but asking God for a business idea and the connections to make it happen. "All" goes beyond asking God to pay bills and clear debt, but asking God not only to pay your bills and clear your own debt but to do the same for your parents, to do the same for your family, to do the same for your neighbor, etc. The scripture says that God "is able to do exceeding abundantly above all we can ask or think…" so do not minimize the capacity of your "all" dream big, believe big, expand your "all" because the bible says "above all we". You can get 50 people all together and sit down and each write out a list, write as much as they can, put them all together and God's Word will still remain the same. God's Word says He is able to do all that is on that list and when God does it; it is done in a different fashion that we are not use to seeing in the natural, it is done exceeding all expectations and in abundance.

Part 2 is coming soon!!!

Be blessed and as always BE ENCOURAGED


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