Change Your Seat

The bible says in the NLT version: "As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend" Pro.27:17 NLT.

What the Holy Spirit taught me regarding this passage is that one's friends, one's environment, shape them into who they are going to be and there are times that they are going to have to make some changes, there are areas in life that they will have to change their seat.

If a wife is having problems in their marriage, and things seem like they just aren’t working out, and at lunch with their co-workers everyone is talking negative about their husband. Instead of uplifting and encouraging each other they are taking turns throwing more logs onto the fire. That wife will never see mending in their marriage until they remove themselves from that environment, until she changes her seat, away from that spirit that's dwelling there. Make an effort to get around people she can learn from. People she can learn how to address issues she has with her husband instead of continually speaking negativity into her marriage. She needs to be around people who will lift her up in prayer and encourage her.

If a man is wanting to change their life and get away from a “street life” way of living, and all of his friends or the people he primarily socialize, with are still attach to that life, still living the “street life”, and what they talk about when hanging out are things from the past about what they have done in the streets. If a man is trying to change his life from the “street life” and the people he talk to on the regular bases are people who only know the street way of living, then that man will never be set free until they decided to change their seat and get with people that are at where they are trying to reach that can and will help them get there.

If a person is wondering why, when they alone they always feeling depressed, lonely, and unhappy, then one needs to look at the conversation they are partaking in, if every time one is talking with a friend or associate or family member, the conversation always seem to turn towards negativity. "I can’t stand...."; "I hate...." "You know what really gets on my nerves...” "You see "so and so" got a new car now they think they all that" "Why I gotta go to work, this job gets on my nerves"..."Everybody always "effing" with me" If that type of conversation monopolizes your daily dialogue then until one changes their seat and remove themselves from that environment where that spirit is dwelling then one will always be trapped and bound by depression and unhappiness unless they change their seat and be around people that have joy in their hearts.

If one is trapped by poverty aka "brokeness" and wants to be liberated from that burden, but yet they hang around broke people, your conversations with your friends are always about how much money you don't have, instead of professing the blessings that God has for you and your family. Until one changes their seat, they will be bound by the burden of poverty aka “brokeness”. One needs to get some friends that have some money, these friends don’t have to be “rich”, but people that have their finances together.

If you are unhappy in you’re marriage, then you need to be around people who are happy within their marriage. If you want to be delivered from a previous life, you need to be around people that are at where you trying to get to. Get around people that are willing to help you and coach you along the way. If you depressed and unhappy you need to be around people that have the joy of the Lord in their hearts. If you are broke, hang around people that have money and learn from them.

Change cannot happen unless change occurs.

If one is released from prison, he does not stay for comfort, for he will still be imprisoned. He has to change his environment. Jesus came and gave us life; freed us from prison, freed us from burdens. It is up to each person remove the shackles of our environment and leave what ever prison that has had them bound and get into the presence of God and good company.

The bible says in the NLT version: "As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend" Pro.27:17 NLT.

Your friends, your environment, shape you into who you are going to be.

God bless and as always BE ENCOURAGED!!


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