Roster Change Part 2 of 2


Part 1 left off discussing how we, as members of team Christ, are the management team of the Kingdom. We each have a purpose that we have to manage; that we are responsible for. It is charged to us to make sure that the world sees the Kingdom of God flourshing in every form and fashion, producing "much fruit". In order to do so we must be prepared to make the necessary "Roster Changes" of what and/or who is on our team. In this conclusion of "Roster Change" are the three ways to make the essential roster changes.

*Part 2*
There are 3 ways to make a "Roster Change", three ways to make sure that we are connected to who and/or what is suppose to be on the team that we manage.

1) *The acquiring or addition to your roster*. This is when you have all other pieces in place but you are still missing that one final puzzle piece.

You own the Mcdonald's but you do not have a staff to work. You may have all the necessary skills and experience for a specific career path, but you do not have the degree to operate in that field.

2) *The trading or shifting of what's on your roster*. Your order of priorities can be what hinders you from success. You may need to move priority number 4 and shift it to number 3. You want to come out of debt but paying bills is a priority over paying tithes. You may need to shift your position you want to be a leader but you never served as follower under great leadership with a positive influence. In order to be a great leader you have to be a greater follower. You have to take time and learn what it takes and how to be a leader.

3) *Releasing or letting go of people, things or habits*. Some things you just have disassociate yourself from. Things and people that are not aligned with the Word of God. This type of "Roster Change" is the most difficult one because these are the things or people that you are emotionally attached and mentally addicted to. These are the things you know that needs letting go; that have well earned pink slips; but for some reason you feel the need to hold onto. These may even be things that you may have to fire about yourself in order to produce. Look in the mirror, look at yourself straight in the eyes and say to Depression…You are FIRED! Say to Low-Self-Esteem…You are FIRED! Say to Fear…You are FIRED! Say to Confusion…You are FIRED! Whatever doesn’t line up with the Word of God say to it…You are FIRED! Say to Sickness…You are FIRED!

Anything that is not lined up with the Word, can not be employed by the Kingdom of God….FIRE IT!!

We, as managers, must make sure we are handling our responsiblities; our assignments, before we are removed from our position. I do not know about anybody else, but I love my job, I love working for Christ, he gives great benefits. John 15:16 says this "...that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you." The healthcare reform plan cannot compare to the insurance plan you get for working for the Kingdom; the bible says "by his stripes ye were healed

Check your team; find out what “Roster Changes” are needed and MAKE THEM!

Be blessed and as always BE ENCOURAGED!!


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