God Has Got Your Back!!

Psalm 5:11-12

11) But let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice: let them ever shout for joy, because thou defendest them: let them also that love thy name be joyful in thee.
12) For thou, Lord, wilt bless the righteous; with favour wilt thou compass him as with a shield.”

The spirit highlighted the last portion of verse 12 to me, “thou compass (or surround) him as with a shield”. I wondered why God chooses the word “compass” when saying “with a shield” would have carried the same power, the same purpose. My answer came with the Spirit saying that: “Whenever the Word of God, goes into details, it is only for us to get a clearer understanding. In this case, normally when people hear or see the word shield, they only view the shield as being protection from one side. Whatever direction a shield is facing, that is the area of protection, but God is saying that with him you are surrounded by a shield at the same time in every direction!”

There are 3 general ways an attack can come from: 1) in front of us, 2) on the side of us, and 3)_from behind us. What the word of God is saying is that, in trusting God, he is able to protect us from all sides at the same time. God is able to shield us from an attack that we are facing ahead of us, while protecting us from an attack from the left and right. Sometimes the enemy will send a firestorm attack; an attack from all directions at the same time and even in that attack God can protect us. The spirit revealed me a deeper illumination of the significance of saying “compass” or “surround” as with a shield.

If we are being attacked from in front of us, we are in the best position to defend ourselves. Our chances of survival in that attack increases because we know what we are up against. We have already formulated what is going to happen, how it’s going happen, what we need to do to avoid or overcome the situation. We know exactly what to pray for and how to pray, we know what spirits to come against, we know what strongholds to tear down and what burdens to lift. These are the attacks that we can train for.

Even if we are attacked from the left or from the right; this is an attack that came out of nowhere and blind sided us, it came and knocked us off your feet but we are able to take the hit and get back in the fight. So now that we know what we are up against, we are in a better position to handle the situation; because the attack is now in front of us.

The Lord compass us as with a shield, to protect us from the attacks ahead of us, the attacks from the side, but also to protect us from the attacks that from behind us. We are most vulnerable to attacks that come from behind, these attacks come from the last place we would expect an attack to come from. These attacks come from people that we love, people that we trust and depended on. We have to be connected to God, having our trust in God above any and all other people or things; because these attacks can really mess us up, mentally, emotionally, and physically by giving passage to anger and depression. By giving passage to allow anger and depression to come in we are spiritually disabling ourselves. This is why God says he will surround us; he will step in fully on our behalf and fight for us. God says in his word that vengeance will be His, our spirits and hearts should not be filled with hatred for the ones who have done us wrong. Our battle is against our flesh and our human emotions of anger, depression and hurt. We must continue to confess and profess our trust in God. That no matter what we will trust in the Lord, we will call on the name of Jesus, our strong-tower.

The Lord will surround us as with a shield to protect us from attacks both known and unknown. Psalm 91:4 teaches that God will also cover us with is feathers and under his wings we will trust; so not only will God protect us but also comfort us through the times of hurt. We can trust under his wings that even we may cry some tears; through Him joy will come again.

We need to be surrounded by his protection and comfort at all times; we have to stay in connection with God. In doing so we have the VICTORY!!

So above any and all TRUST THAT GOD HAS YOUR BACK!!!

Be Blessed and as always BE ENCOURAGED!!

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