Thought of the Day Tue, Sep 28, 2010

Let's think about this: Do we really want what God has in store for us? What seems like an obvious answer is really not after you dig pass the surface. There is so much that comes along with our blessing. The spirit gave me three questions for us to ask ourselves:

1) Do we want to go through the process it will take to get our blessing?

A lot of us just think we are going to appear to our blessing. That is not always the case. Every finish line has a starting line, and there is something that happens in between those two points; Process.

2) Do we have the faith to go through the process?

In this process, truth is that there is some sweat that comes along with the process; there is some work within the process; there are sacrifices that have to be made; and there is patience and discipline needed to go through the process. There are obstacles and trial seasons that we will encounter; at those times will we be able to stand strong in faith or waiver in doubt. If God said it He is going to do it; can we hold on to that.

3) Can we handle the responsibilities that come along with our blessing?

A lot of us have a misunderstanding or a false perception that once we have our blessing that's it, that we are done. NOPE, the scripture tells us "For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required" Luke 12:48. So there are responsibilities that comes along with our blessings. Are we willing and obedient to handle our blessed responsibilities?

With that I restate the question: Do we really want what God has in store for us?

Be blessed and as always BE ENCOURAGED!!


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