Thought of the Day Wed, Sep 8, 2010

One of the hardest and most difficult decisions we face as we strive to walk in the grace and obedience of God is letting go of things or relationships we fought so hard and for so long to keep. Sometimes we are not left with the choice of letting things go, sometimes they are removed or walk away from us.

However this transition happens, our focus must shift from viewing the situation as something be taken away to what is God trying to do in our lives. There is nothing that can be taken away that God cannot replace and not only replace but with an upgrade.

Truth of the matter is that we are visual beings and that can be our hindrance. We become so indulged and complacent with what is in front of us that we can let it distract us from progressing with our ordained assignment and a life that is more abundant.

Be Blessed and as always BE ENCOURAGED!!


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