Thought of the Day Mon, Oct 4, 2010

Monday Blues

This is how my Monday morning started off at "clock in phones", in the process of punching in this conversation took place:

Me: Good Morning

Co-worker1: Good Morning its Monday.

Co-worker2: Monday's Suck!

Me: Why Mondays suck?

Co-worker2: Cuz I hate coming in here in this place everyday, but especially on Mondays! *Slams down phone and storms away*

The Holy Spirit shut my mouth and would not let me speak because my first inclination was to respond "Why don't you quit then? It is 7am and you that angry about arriving to work and its people out there in the world that have nothing and would love to be in your very position. Secondly, you should not let anything steal your joy at all, but especially not like this."

Thank you Holy Spirit for resting down in me, because even though the message may have been true, the delivery and timing would have been out of order and out of place. I would have only further frustrated this co-worker. Instead, the Holy Spirit told me to say a prayer for them and write a blog to encourage others that may feel this same way. (Our responsibility is to encourage each other and we have to have the spirit of discernment to know when the proper time and proper way to say things.)

We that belong to Christ, have to continue to remind ourselves that in times or seasons of frustration that the joy of the Lord rests in us. This is joy that surpasses all understanding, a joy that is not determined by any job, any material thing, or any person. We have a joy that comes along with the faith that we have that God's hand stays on our lives. All frustration is an attack of the enemy to shake our faith, but I want to encouraged you to stand strong in faith do not be fooled by the enemy. Do not let the enemy get control of your mind remain in faith, remain in positivity.

Instead of dreading Mondays be excited about Monday, we have think and speak good things into our Mondays, think and speak productiveness to our Mondays, think and speak PEACE to our Mondays. In fact go into each day confessing and professing: That "This is the day the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it!"

Be blessed and as always BE ENCOURAED!!!


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