Faith like the Road Runner

One of the greatest things that I love about the Holy Spirit is that the Spirit is the teacher of all teachers. The spirit has a way of taking something and preaching the gospel, correcting, or bringing illumination to something for us. This goes back to the old but very powerful and true church cliché "If God can speak through a donkey, He can speak through anyone". The Holy Spirit has sent messages to each one of us through different types of messengers whether it is a Pastor, a prophet, the bible, a friend, a family member, speaking to us directly, a testimony from a co-worker or by some other means. The spirit is always teaching, but it is up to you and me to be sensitive enough to hear and receive what the spirit has to teach us.

One day, while watching cartoons with my children, I started to think about the cartoons that I use to watch when I was a child. One of the cartoons that came to mind was the Coyote and the Road Runner; I use to love to watch these two battle it out. In the midst of reminiscing and as strangely as it may sound, the Holy Spirit spoke and said "Have faith like the Road Runner". "Huh? Faith like the Road Runner?" was my response because honestly, it caught me off guard. However, being sensitive I wanted the spirit to teach me; so I asked for clarification of what was meant by "Have faith like the Road Runner".

The spirit, in summary, explained it like this:

No matter what traps or tricks that the Coyote tried to set out for the Road Runner they never worked. To the natural eye the reason or credit for the Road Runner's success was because of the Road Runner's speed; that he was too fast for the traps to work. However, to the spiritual eye, the reason that the Road Runner was never caught was because of his faith; his faith had delivered him from the traps of the enemy. Think about a couple of those traps that was set out for the Road Runner.

"3) Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.
4) He shall cover thee with hsi feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler."---Psalm 91:3-4
Think of the times when the Coyote painted a tunnel on the side of a mountain, hoping that the Road Runner would run into the side of the mountain and knock himself out. Contrarily, as the Road Runner raced up the road not knowing that the Coyote had painted this illusion; he had faith that the tunnel that he saw in front of him was a real tunnel. So according to his faith the Road Runner did not slow down, but ran straight through the tunnel leaving the Coyote puzzled, confused and dazed. Not only that but then the Coyote would try and follow the Road Runner through the tunnel and ended up running into the side of the mountain and knocking himself out.

Another example, think of the times when the Coyote tried to trick the Road Runner to running off a cliff, by painting a picture at the edge of the cliff, giving the illusion that the road was continuing. The Road Runner would see the picture and have faith the road was actually continuing and run through the picture and on down the road. Once again leaving the Coyote puzzled, confused and dazed and again trying to imitate what the Road Runner had just did, runs straight off the cliff, then he holds up his sign and falls.

"Our faith in God, protects us, delivers us, shields us and deals with our enemies..."
The point of it all is that no matter the obstacle, no matter what the situation looks like we have to keep our faith that God will deliver us from the traps and tricks of his enemy. No matter the illusion that the enemy has set up to lead us into a trap we must operate on faith. It did not matter to the Road Runner whether the mountain was big or small; the only thing that matter was that he trusted that the tunnel that he saw would take him through that mountain. As matter of fact, the Road Runner was not even focused on the mountain that was there, he was only focused on going through that tunnel.

As we encounter obstacles, the mountains in our lives, let's focus less on the size of the mountain and more on our tunnel through. God is our tunnel, and He will lead us right through any mountain in our way and deliver us out of every trap of the enemy. All we need to be sure of is that we have the faith to go through it. It does not matter how fast we get to where we going, it matters that we have the faith to travel the path of where God has ordained us to go. Our faith in God, protects us, delivers us, shields us and deals with our enemies, all that is left for us to do is hold on to our faith and walk in obedience.

Be blessed and as always BE ENCOURAGED!!!



  1. messages like this can only be revealed thru the awesome power of God, who would of thought- such a cartoon could have such an anointing revelation-that often take people a lifetime to understand, let alone share-
    Continue being Blessed and sharing -you never know just whose life will be changed for the Glory of God.

  2. God Bless you for those kind words. All honor and glory goes to God, I am just excited and happy that He chooses to use me for His work.

    God Bless you and be encouraged..always!!


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