Inferior No More!

The spirit of being inferior to others has had a lot of us forfeiting our assignments. This spirit enters because of the lack of preparation that comes from the lack of the educating ourselves with the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to be successful in the assignment that God places on our lives.

There is one key difference between being "successful" versus "unsuccessful" and that difference is that in order to be successful one has to be prepared to seize the opportunity when it comes. If God opens the door for us even a little bit, we should take it upon ourselves to kick the door the rest of the way open. God will reveal to us according to our obedience and faith, if our faith is little, we will only be shown little. Too many times have people sacrificed there walk in their ordained destiny because of this reason. Sorry excuses are made into reasons for not being able to do something. Excuses such as, "If I had that type of money I could make it happen" or "They were given better opportunities than I was" or the most famous one "It's the 'man's' fault, always trying to keep me down". These types of excuses are countless but the point is that we limit our opportunities because of the spirit of being inferior. Feeling inferior to someone else who currently has access to more financial resources, their level of success, or ethnicity or gender is a lie from the enemy!!

The only one we are inferior to is GOD! But when we allow that inferior spirit to take up residence in our hearts, in regards to another person, the enemy as the contractual right to stagnate us. We cannot let the enemy tricks us, we have to void out that contract and evict that inferior spirit out of our hearts. The more we pray, prepare, and obey God's direction the less inferior will reside in us. We must continue to be productive and progressive.

"…to be successful one has to be prepared to seize the opportunity when it comes."

Let's not sit idle and let our vision suffer!! We are….INFERIOR NO MORE!!!!

Be blessed and as always BE ENCOURAGED!!!


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