Here and NOW!!!

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."—Hebrews 11:1
This scripture was put into my spirit and four words were highlighted regarding this scripture. The words were "now"; "substance"; "hoped"; and "evidence". Furthering study of these four words in regards to this scripture truly blessed my spirit.

I am going to side track a little bit and tell why it truly blessed me:

This is one of those scriptures that if we have been in a good church for any amount of time we have heard it on the regular. Some, not all, but some will classify this as a "church cliché". I disagree, this is not just one of those "sayings" nothing in the Word of God is. The more that we mediate on God's Word rather it is a scripture, chapter, or book the more power comes from it. It is my belief, again I say my belief; the only reason that a scripture can be classified by some as a cliché is if they do not truly understand it or do not know that it is because of God's word that we have the luxurious comfort of breathing. As I meditated on Hebrews chapter 11 and verse 1 the more power radiated off from it. Now let us get back on the topic at hand.
"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."—Hebrews 11:1
The dictionary describes the word "now" as the following: at the present time or moment; immediately. The next words "substance" comes from a Greek word meaning "from a compound of"; "hoped" means "to expect"; our last highlighted word is "evidence" which in this scripture means "reproof". So with understanding these four key words our faith scripture is speaking to us saying: "At any moment we are operating in the "now" and at each and every moment faith is the compound that brings about the proof of that which we are expecting." Our faith is a powerful weapon, this is why the enemy comes and tries to shake our faith, have us falling into doubt and worry. The more time we spend in the "now" worrying and doubting, the less time we spend operating in faith. Our faith, the substance or compound of, the things that we are expecting God to do, is tainted by worry and doubt. We must exercise proper use of faith and in order to properly use faith, we must use it every second. Holding onto our faith will bring the evidence, the proof, of those things we are expecting. Not only is it the proof, but the mentioned definition of evidence said it is the "reproof". In other words, it will be the proof over and over and over again; faith will NEVER stop working as long as we are properly using it.

I pray that after taking a deeper look into this, that others will feel the power from this one scripture as I have.

Be blessed and as always BE ENCOURAGED!!


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  1. Very good! I love that verse people think that they have to understand God's word in order to believe it, but that is not true. I knew and I still am learning that my faith in God grows daily for I am trusting Him when I don't see no evidence. If I saw the evidence of things then that would not be faith. God bless you today.


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