Though of the Day: Jan. 16, 2011

Obedience takes Faith

In order to remain obedient in our walk with God it truly takes faith, strong faith. Sometimes God will require us to do something where it looks, at least to us, like all the odds are against us. It will take strong faith to hasten to God's voice during those times. Sometimes God will require us to do things that seem crazy to others and even to ourselves. At these times and some many others our willingness to be in obedience and faith are battling with our flesh. During these battles our flesh jumps in with its own logic of how to do things and we have to be cautious not to allow our flesh to blow us off course. A huge reason that obedience to God takes faith is because it also requires sacrifice of something we want and at times things that we need. That is extremely hard because as the saying goes: "We like to have our cake and eat it too." Meaning that it easy to be obedient when everything is going according to plan and we have all that we want and need. The test of faith comes in when we have to sacrifice in order to obedient.

Be obedient and be full of faith!! Our obedience and faith expresses our love for God!!

Be blessed and BE ENCOURAGED!!


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