Though of the Day Jan. 3, 2011

A Little Positivity

In 2011, I am making one of my goals to stay positive in any and every situation. When I say any and every situation, I mean exactly that no matter how small or large the situation might be. For example on the way to my department this morning I encounter a situation. I was on the elevator down to my department this morning, along with me was this lady, who cut me off and almost ran over me trying to get on the elevator. She felt a little bad about almost knocking me over, so she apologized and started up a conversation saying "Thank you for letting me get on first, I'm not use to people being polite". I just smiled and said "It's alright no biggie". She continues the conversation with me, she asking me a question: "It's miserable coming in here isn't it?!" My reply was "No, not really, it's a blessing." We got of the elevator and went our separate ways.

No matter the scale of the situation we must chose to be positive in any situation, even if it is not how we feeling emotionally or physically.

Lord knows that this morning was rough for me getting up and getting to work on time. The day started off rough, woke up late, clothes was not ready, a little of rush traffic, there were things that happened this morning that could have compelled me to agree with her statement. However, choosing to go against the grain and project positivity made this day brighter because I know that I may have been a little tired this morning, but this job is a blessing, God is currently working through this job to providing a way for me to provide for my family. The little positivity that we may have to force ourselves to have can have a tremendous effect on our lives. The same thing goes if the negativity we are faced with seem greater than we are, remain positive, find something in the midst of it that you can magnify to be greater than what is negative. By no means do not act as if the problem does not exist am I simply encouraging you not to be consumed by negativity, let positivity fill your heart. I love the way Joyce Meyer says it in her book: Power Thoughts, "Being positive does not mean we deny the existence of difficulty; it means we believe God is greater than our difficulties."

It is imperative that we remain positive in any and all situation because positivity is a testament of the faith we have. God is able to bring us through and out of any negative situation that comes our way, if we hold true to believing that then there is no room for negativity to enter into our spirits.

Be Blessed and as always BE ENCOURAGED!!!


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