There was something that came to me one day that blessed my spirit
tremendously. In our natural world, there is a law of physics that
simply explains that whenever we touch something whatever it is we are
touching is also touching us at that very same moment. The reason that
this blessed me is because I think of the woman in the bible that
pressed her way through thousands of people looking only to touch the
hem of the garment of Jesus. At the very same time that she touched
Jesus, accordingly to the laws of physics, Jesus touched her as well.
From that touch the bible tells us that virtue and power flowed out of
Him, making her whole.

Even though Jesus is no longer physically walking the earth we can
still touch Jesus. When Jesus died on the cross and rose with all
power in His hands, he broke all laws of physics. In doing so, He
broke the restrictions and conditions that were formerly in operation
that in order to receive a touch from Him that we had to physically
touch Jesus. By Jesus choosing to die He made it easy for us to get to
Him, He knew that He needed to make it easy for us to get to Him. So
the restriction of physically touching Jesus is no longer there. We
can now touch Jesus in prayer, we can touch Him by exercising our
faith, by professing and confessing, we can touch Jesus even in our
giving and our obedience.

With Jesus any and all limitation are non-existent. His spirit now
dwells in us; his spirit is alive and well. If we do nothing but call
on His name, immediately when we say "Jesus, I need you," we are
touching Jesus. As soon as we say "Jesus, I love you," we are touching
Jesus. "Jesus, help!!!" we are touching Jesus as we believe in Him, as
we trust Him, as we submit ourselves to Him, as we worship Jesus, we
are touching Him. When Jesus died and rose again He moved from the
natural to the super-natural breaking all restrictions and limits of
getting to Him and Him getting to us. Now, when we super-naturally
touch Jesus, He is super-naturally touching us and from Jesus flow joy
and peace. From Jesus flows healing for our bodies and emotions; from
Jesus flows prosperity and guidance; from Jesus flows correction and
open doors. From touching Jesus flows as my bishop says "Notable
miracles that cannot be denied".

Thank you Jesus form breaking the laws of physics and making it easier
to receive a touch from you. Thank you for being our joy and peace;
our provider and caretaker; our comforter and shield; our savior and
guardian. Thank you Jesus for giving us the mercy you have shown and a
touch from you that we may shine in the light of your glory. As the
song says "All I need is a single touch from you. If you touch me I
will change my lose to win. All I need is a touch from you"

Go after Jesus, worship Him, serve Him, love Him, touch Him and allow
Him to touch you.

Be Blessed and BE ENCOURAGED!!!



  1. Thanks for sharing your Revelation Knowledge and

  2. Thannk you very much for this. It was very much needed and at the very right time. It truly blessed me.


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