The Answer is in the Vision

The second chapter of the book of Daniel revealed something that is truly profound: that the answer is in the vision. What is the vision? What does it mean to have a vision? Having a vision is not the result of having a bright idea but it is the vision that God has already had in place and only at a divine time it is revealed to us. The best thing about God's vision is that all answers to all questions are already worked out. Whatever our issue may be: getting out of debt; marital issues, baby daddy/momma drama; big decision with business contracts; or dealing with issues within ourselves; the answer is in the vision.

There are seven points to receiving our answers through the vision that are revealed in Daniel chapter 2:14-48.

The first point: Identify and understand the issue at hand. (Daniel 2:15)

When Daniel heard of the decree made by the king he did not run or hide from the situation. Instead he confront the issue, going directly to the source, to get a clear understanding of what is required. We must identify and understand the issue we are dealing with. To do this we must acknowledge and confront the issue and not pretend that it does not exist. Sometimes when we are presented with obstacles or unwanted issues we tend to avoid them hoping that they may suddenly disappear. However, by acknowledging the issue it puts the gears of faith in motion and faith will bring victory.

The second point: Take the issue to God. (Daniel 2:18)

Daniel immediately took his issue to God. Daniel had relationship with God and had the faith that God could do what was needed. Taking the issue to God requires us to have a relationship with Him. Our prayer time is our personal time with God, it is one of the ways we develop a strong relationship with Him. A lot of people have a misconception that effective prayer consists of big words and a fancy use of syllables. This is not true at all, your prayer life is just that, yours, a personal relationship between you and God. This is the importance of developing our relationship with God in the times when things are going well is so that when times do get hard we want to be able to go to in confidence. Going in confidence means that our relationship and faith have been nurtured and strengthen.

The third point: Go to sleep. (Daniel 2:19)

In this passage Daniel physically went to sleep, but I believe this to be prophetic to represent the removal of flesh. There a four stages in sleep and according to research during stages three and four is where deep sleep happens and when dreams or visions occur. During these two stages a person's subconscious basically takes the lead. If a person is awaken during these stages they may be disorientated for a few minutes because they need to compose themselves and comeback to reality. During these two stages the mind can take the body through something that feels so really and the person can wake up feeling like they have been in a physical fight for their life. Daniel going to sleep is a prophetic representation of saying that in order to accurately hear from God we must remove our flesh. Whenever flesh is present in a difficult situation it opens the door for worry and doubt to be present as well hindering our ability for us to accept God’s vision for us thus not allowing us to receive our answer.

The fourth point: Immediately give God praise. (Daniel 2: 20)

Immediately after Daniel received his answer he gave honor and praise to God “blessed be the name of God for ever and ever: for wisdom and might are is” (Daniel 2:20). Upon receiving our answer to deliverance we should always take a moment to thank God for his grace and mercy. It is from God which all blessing flow from.

The fifth point: Go back to the issue. (Daniel 2:24)

Daniel then went back to Arioch, the kings guard, and instructed Arioch to take him before the king and he will give the king what he has demanded This is an very important action because once we received our answer from God we are to go and confront the issue with CONFIDENCE! Once God has sent His word there is nothing that can stop it! We are not to go back to the issue weak and doubtful wondering if the vision is going to manifest. That is a trick of the enemy to throw us off track. Whenever God imparts to us a direction go in , we must walk with complete and ultimate confidence.

The sixth point: Execute the vision in detail. (Daniel 2:26-45)

When Daniel went to the king he was able to tell the dream in vivid detail along with giving the interpretation. This lesson teaches us that once we receive our directions that if we do not put them in to action the vision for ourselves cannot come to pass. The bible teaches that "faith without works is dead" (James 2:26). It is up to us to execute the vision that God gives us; to follow through enduring the process from start to finish.

The seventh point: The glory is for God (Daniel 2:46-48)

The king was so astonished that Daniel was able to this that he had to fall upon his face and acknowledge and give honor to God. The scripture also said that Daniel was rewarded greatly but the honor and glory went to God! The vision and purpose that God has given to us is not for us but for Him to use us to showcase His glory. God will award us in the process but our mission is for Him and not for ourselves, we cannot lose focus of this. The minute it becomes more about what we want and not about God receiving the glory there is a problem.

Whatever the issue may be and whatever obstacle we can possibly face in our lifetime, the answer is in the vision that is given by God. It is up to us to receive the vision, endure and execute the vision in the right spirit. Lets recap the seven points revealed in Daniel chapter 2:

*Identify and understand the issue
*Take the issue to God
*Go to sleep/Receive answer (Remove our flesh from the equation)
*Immediately give God praise
*Go back to the issue (Go in confidence)
*Execute the vision in detail
*The glory is for God

Be blessed and as always Be ENCOURAGED!!!!


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