Thy Throne, O God...

"Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever: the sceptre of thy kingdom is a right sceptre." (Psalm 45:6 KJV)

The spirit enlightened me to a deeper aspect that the throne of God is for ever and ever, meaning that His reign as KING of kings and LORD or lords will never end! That His kingdom will never fall! It is everlasting! That is enough to give praise and worship right there, however, the illumination goes deeper.

In the times that the bible was written if you were a citizen of a kingdom it was the king's responsibility were to ensure that all needs were met. The king was responsible for providing food, employment, protection, and a decent way of living and there was no lack in his kingdom. Now, here is the awesome revelation, as citizens of the kingdom of God, the greatest kingdom there will ever be, we are entitled to the same benefits. God is our provider, as long as we follow His law, His Word, as long as we seek God first what we need and want will be added or given to us by the KING. So whatever we need and by us being kingdom citizens we are able to call upon to KING to fulfill out needs. If its healing, call on the KING; if its love, call on the KING; if is money, call on the KING; if it's protection, call on JESUS!!!

By being a born again child of God, we are citizens of the kingdom of God, and we are able to enter into His presence and seek Him for whatever we need!

Be blessed and as always Be ENCOURAGED!!!!


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