Maximizing Your Potential

"I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman. [2] Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit". John 15:1-2 (KJV)

One of my favorite and funniest commercials to me I catch a lot of times on the weekends, or in midday doing the week if I happen to be on vacation. It's that commercial where this guy comes on representing a local college and basically treats your whole existence in a matter of 10 seconds. The guy basically comes on and says in so many words:
"Hey you, yeah you on that couch, you ain't doing nothing with your life but sitting there and watch it pass away watching me on TV. Get up call this number and get your end in school and do something productive with ypur life!!"

I realize that what he is trying to is get us to cut away from some things; things that are not helping us in life. These things are hindering us in life, things that we have been blinded by ignorance or convenience. He is trying to get that viewer to maximize their potential to that they will be able to be more productive than what they are currently being. That the same thing that is being done in our referenced scripture. Jesus is giving in this scripture the keys the keys to maximizing ones potential. Let us dig into this scripture and find the key to maximizing our potential. 

The first thing is that we have to take notice to everything that is attached to us, everything! We have to be the husbandman or caretaker and overseer of what is connected to us. We are responsible for each connection we have, entertain, and operate under the influence. Connections of emotions, soul ties, twisted passions, depression, fear, low-self esteem, the wrong people around us, our environment, distractions, all these and more are examples of what is connected to us to take inventory of. 

Secondly, we must inspect the inventory that we find. We must investigate each connection to see which ones our toxic to our potential. This is an essential and key process because toxic problems that go unnoticed can effect the fruit or productivity overall. Any product that is manufactured on a large scale, before it finds its way to the shelf of your local supermarket or dealership, goes through an inspection. The inspection is not only for the safety of the consumer but more so the safety of the manufacture that produces it. The potential of one toxic product can have devastating financial affects to the company, the fruit of the company, because that toxic is connected to the company. If someone becomes sick or even dies from the use of a toxic product the manufacture could be sued, word will get out that could effect the sales because people will not buy the product on the same scale because of the fear of another toxic produc, thus affecting the fruit of the entire company.
We must do the same thing with our inventory, we must inspect it. What do we have that is connect to our spirits, to our hearts, and our minds that is toxic and can destroy our fruit, hinder our productivity and kill our potential. It is essential that we must inspect our inventory for that which may be toxic because our fruit is at stake and God is looking for that which produces fruit. For each person this list will be different but each of us have something in our inventory that is toxic. 

Thirdly, what we must do is probably one of the hardest things to do. We must cut those toxic things away. Why is this the hardest thing to do? Because some of the toxic things we don't want to face. Whether it is because of fear or some other factor its hard to cut something correctly if you are not looking at what you are cutting. Could you imagine a surgeon performing brain surgery or neurosurgery blind folded? They would not be able to make the necessary incision to be effective and life threatening or severely damaging effects will be the result. Another reason is because some of the things that we need cut, get this, are some things that we actually like!! 

Fourth, we must inspect the areas that are producing fruit, inspect the areas that are productive and then ask ourselves what in this inventory purpose is slowly fading away. Is there something here that needs to be purged or improved upon? The scripture dictates that by doing this by purging the areas that are producing will bring forth more fruit becoming even more productive. If we do not purge eventually those things will replace the toxic areas that we cut away previously. This is the maintenance portion of maximizing potential. This speaks to being willing and motivated to continue to grow in order to unveil more potential and more potential and more. With God, potential is endless because there is always another level in God. 

After taking an inventory, after doing an inspection, after cutting away the toxic elements in our lives, and after purging and improving in areas, we can then see the end result. The end result is not simply producing fruit! That is not what the Word of God says, the end result is to bring forth MORE fruit. This is about maximizing our potential that we may continue to greater works for the kingdom of God and that He may be glorified. We must maximize our potential within before we can change and impact our society. 

Be blessed and Be Encouraged…

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