Stand Up Fathers!

A local radio station hosts a question and answer section with a very well known attorney that advocates for fathers' rights. One particular caller called in with a question that was very disturbing. The caller's situation was that the mother of his kids lost custody of the children in another state and the kids are now wards of the state. The caller's question in response to this situation was to ask "If my children are wards of the state do I still have to pay child support?" 

That was truly disturbing. Here is a man with children who is more concern about not having to pay child support than finding out what he needs to do to be awarded custody of his children. Not concerned of the affects that being in the system does to children. Issues like this and many others are examples of why society is not being healed as it should. Fathers are very important in the lives of their children and when fathers are not in the picture then father figures, pure in motives, are needed. 

God is looking for the hearts of fathers be turned back to their children, and the hearts of the children back to their fathers. Fathers must see their children much more than in a financial perspective just as God sees each of His children in a greater perspective than a financial responsibility. Our father in heaven wants to spend time with us, wants to teach us, wants to communion us, and wants to hold us in His arms. What if God left us to be wards of the state (the world system) bound by Satan? But he didn't for God so loved His children that He sent His only son, Jesus, to die for us that we may be freed. God fought for His children, sacrificed for His children, and for natural fathers the same must be done. 

"And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse." --Malachi 4:6 KJV

I would like to encourage someone that may be reading this and know that they have not been in the lives of their children like they should be. I would like to encourage you to make a conscious effort to be more in the life of your children. Do not let financial situations get in the way, the time spent is more valuable than any amount of money you can spend. Start there and continue to believe God to open doors of opportunity. If is a bad relationship with the mother, be humble and work the issue out that the children do not have to suffer. Whatever the issue is there is a solution and God has it for you. Remember the scripture tells that God wants to see the hearts of the fathers turned to their children and the hearts of the children back to their parents and He can handle any situation that may be hindering it. Get to know your Heavenly Father He will instruct you and give you the ultimate example of a father. 

--Be blessed and Be encouraged!!!

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