Happy Thanksgiving

Just a word of encouragement as we enter into this thanksgiving celebration: the situation may not be as peachy as you would like it. It's already November and another year has again flew by and not quite everything went according to plan. There may have been a few bumps in the road but in this is a time of thanksgiving; give thanks for keeping you through it all. 

No matter what did not go according to plan, find comfort in knowing that He is the author and the finisher, He has control over it all. Thank God for keeping you from seen and unseen adversaries. 

There is so much to thank God for; what are you celebrating God for during this thanksgiving holiday? (Please comment below, share your thoughts, testimonies, etc.) You can also leave comments on this on the Spirit Checker Facebook Page www.facebook.com/Spirit.Checker "Like" the page and then comment on the status,

Be blessed, be encouraged, and remember the Reflection of Change is Within You!!! 

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