Don't Be an Infection!!

Saw this in a book and figure it was powerful to share. Something to keep in mind when ministering to others and be warned about. 

"When we speak of God, a strange enticement can occur. In subtle ways we begin to confuse ourselves with God. We think our words, our understanding, our convictions perfectly reflect God's truth. In fact, we are not God, we have blind spots, we do not ever fully see how all things work together" - Kelly Kapic 

When ministering we must keep our own thoughts out the equation. We must be in tuned with God's voice in order to effectively minister to others. The reason being it is only through the Holy Spirit that things are revealed. When we begin to interject our own thoughts and understanding we risk infecting what the Holy Spirit has to say to someone. We have to get our flesh out the way so we can be used by God. 

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