Don't Let Your Faith Fail

No matter how many times we go through something and even though it is very true that we grow stronger with each test, we still experience difficulty with going through. Sometimes it seems like we experience the same test over and over again and we wonder why; why does it seem to always happen in this way? Even when we enter into prayer, seeking God to move, pleading and begging to God to work these situations out we continue to find ourselves dealing with some situation. At times, we find ourselves exclaiming to God that we have learned our lesson and begging God to release us from this season of our lives. When the truth is, that most of the time, we do not even know what the lesson is that God is trying to teach us. These prayers are desperate measures that are used when our faith seems to be running out. 

The illumination in this is that God does not work in our time or based on our emotions. God knows the depths and truths our heart to a level that we do not understand ourselves. So, we cannot tell God when we have learned our lesson, we cannot tell God that it is time for us to be taken to another level. We cannot move ahead of God, because God is the author and the finisher. He has already written our path and knows what we need to take us through and make us ready. The purpose of these test is to make our faith stronger because faith is our foundation. With that God cannot build us to be strong and tall while having a weak foundation, with a weak foundation we will surely fall. So the purpose of these times and situations; these seasons in our lives are to bring us out of prayers of desperation and into prayers of faith and confirmation. 

“Simon, Simon, behold Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat: But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy bretheren”–Luke 22:31-32

To paraphrase what Jesus is saying to Peter: “Simon, Simon Satan wants to put you through a trial to test your faith, but I have prayed for you that your faith will not fail, that you will keep your faith, and after you have made it through this, once you return from this trial, go and encourage your brothers to do the same.” 

I often wondered why, why was faith chosen? Faith was chosen because within our faith in God there is everything we need. Holding on to faith release peace; Holding on to faith release strength; Holding on to faith releases joy; Holding on to faith releases wisdom; and Holding on to faith defeats the attack or allows us to pass the test. 

The situations and trials that we go through in the various seasons of our lives are testament of our faith. Even though we may be going through a particular season for an extend time, the best news I can tell you is that we are still on God’s time. There is nobody else’s time I would rather be on than God’s time. Our faith is the key during our seasons of trials and tests. Jesus prayed that our faith will not fail, that it would endure those seasons, but at the same time Jesus gave a prophetic word. Jesus in the same sentence said “when thou art converted”; “when you return”. Let me say that again, “When you return”! It is not a question if we will make it out of the trial, it is just a matter of when; it is just a matter of time. Hold on to your faith and do not allow your faith to fail. Even in the times that may seem desperate, do not send up desperate prayers trying to force God’s hand in the situation, but send up prayers for renewed faith.

Be blessed, be encouraged, and remember the Reflection of Change is Within You!!!


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  1. Thank you, Ewing, for this encouragement of faith - even in hard times. I highlighted your post on the Christian Poets & Writers blog - - to encourage other members of our Facebook group. God bless.


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