Dig Out

There are times on our way to achieving our goal that we may experience what some may call their winter season. This is a time where things seem like that have came to a stand still, things have become stagnate, and things are stuck. I truly believe that with every experience there is a lesson to be learned. One thing that living in Chicago has taught me is that in winter seasons you have to dig out. At times there are people to help dig us out but there are also times it's just us and our shovel digging out.

To my readers:

Winter seasons will come but do not be discourage just grab your shovel and dig out. I have learned that in times of being stuck on the way to my goal that a combination of prayer, praise and worship makes the best shovel. Even when you look to your left and look to right searching and there is no one in sight, know that Jesus is with you. I urge you, do not abandon your goal!!

Be blessed and Be Encouraged,

Ewing Ikard II

Reflect. Inspire. Change.

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  1. Good word, Ewing. Thanks. We don't have snow to dig through in FL, but circumstances often pile up so high we had to dig out with prayer.

  2. Yes, sometime God has to remove things and people so that we know that he is the sovereignord. We can do nothing without him. I believe that no matter the adversity you face praise God anyhow. Our breakthrough is in our praise!


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