The Undercover Boss

While watching the show entitled Undercover Boss one day something in that show taught me a very valuable lesson. Now, if you have never seen the show Undercover Boss, let me give you a quick overview of what this, in my opinion, awesome show is about. In this TV show, owners and CEOs' of various multi-million dollar organizations go undercover to work within their business to get a front-line view of how their business interact with their customers. While doing so they get to meet some of their employees as they have been assigned as their trainer for the day. They in turn get to know their employees on a personal level and the issues they deal with on a day to day. At the end of the show they call those employees into a special meeting revealing that they were working with the big boss of the company. As a reward for working hard for their company the owners usually bless the individual significantly accordingly to their personal situations and the impression they made in . However, in this specific episode that inspire this post one individual was fired on national televisions due to the impression she gave of hating her job, hating the company, and deviancy of company rules. She felt like she was over qualified for the job and belong in a higher position of a corporate salesperson for reach she had the credentials for.

So now that you have the gist of the show here is the thing that I took away from this show. At first glance you can say that it working hard will be rewarded and I am not arguing that. However, for me the point of it is this: each encounter with someone is an opportunity of a lifetime, treat it as such. The people that are rewarded are not rewarded because it is the CEO of the company decides to help the out, they are rewarded because they took their encounter with a stranger in a disguise and blossomed. To do this its takes tremendous character and integrity.

"Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out." Proverbs 10:9 NIV

To my readers:

Remember, treat each encounter as an once in a lifetime opportunity. You never know when or how your blessing is going to come. How would you feel if you were one of those individuals that sat in front of the "Undercover boss,"  that potential blessing and were fired? See, if that young lady that was fired on this episode did not treat that encounter as a once in a lifetime opportunity. Now, instead of sitting in front of the very person God could have used to make her dream career happen and she gets fired. 

The opportunity of a lifetime is not always to get something to you, that's selfish thinking. Each encounter is also an opportunity of a lifetime to give to someone else. You can give joy, you can give encouragement, you can give love, you can give compassion, you can give forgiveness, you can even give someone truth, wisdom, or knowledge. There are so many things that we can do to help the person sitting next to us and we can be talking to our blessing that God has sent our way.

Reflect. Inspire. Change. 

Ewing Ikard II 

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