LeaderCheck - Recruiting a Championship Team

One of the most important things that every leader eventually learns is that it takes a team to push the vision forward, it takes a team to accomplish the mission. Even more important as having a team is having the right people on that team. There are three things that leaders to need to look for in the people they recruit:

Humbleness - The cost of pridefulness is pricey to any vision. Being prideful will cause missed opportunities, damage to relationships, and the ultimate decline and failure of the leader, the team, and the vision. 

Hardworking - Be willing to go the extra mile and that is much more than a cliche we hear over and over. Going the extra mile doesn't just mean long hours and sleepless nights but also maximum effectiveness. 

Hungry - The people recruited for the team should be ones that see complacency and average as the enemy. They are always thinking of and doing things to improve, increase effectiveness, and maximize the impact. 

We are all leaders in are own right and whatever we are leading we need to instill these three components in our lives and the lives of our team members (children, spouse, friends, family) these are all potential team members.

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