5 Areas of Change - Day 1 - Change in Determination

Day 1 - Change in Determination: This means that our tenacity has to increase. 

Each “next” level can only be reached through a greater fight and we must be determined and we must be tenacious. 

Gleaming from one of the experts in the leadership arena, John C. Maxwell’s “The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player”

Being tenacious means: 

  1. Giving all that you have, not more than you have - “If you give your all, you afford yourself every opportunity for success.” - John Maxwell
  2. Working after it and not waiting on it - “Tenacious people don’t rely on luck, fate, or destiny for their success.” - John Maxwell
  3. Quit when the job is done - Not giving up or stoping because we get tired, staying in the fight until the job is done. “Every successful person finds that great success lies just beyond the point when they’re convinced their idea is not going to work” - Napoleon Hill

Improving our tenacity:

  1. Work harder and/or smarter - We have to put more hours into our vision, into our goals. Success does not come from by only doing just enough. Neither does it come from working hard with no strategy or direction. 
  2. High level of Integrity - “To succeed, you must act with absolute integrity” combine that with purpose and we will have an edge that many others would not
  3. Competition - Tenacity at its core is competitiveness. It is important to have people around us that are just as tenacious that we can help push to do better and never quit.

TODAY, let’s take our tenacity to another level. Feel free to comment below on your vision/goal/ambitions and what way you will increase in your determination/tenacity?

Again if you have not viewed the video please do so in preparation for Area/Day 2 breakdown on tomorrow. 


The reflection of change is within you. 

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