5 Areas of Change - Day 2 - Change in Attitude

Day 2 - Change in Attitude: Dedication and Motivation has to increase

Attitude has to do with our mind-frame of being positive as the level of our positivity is linked to our level of dedication and motivation.  It also shows our level of complacency. Here are some key things regarding attitude. 

The effects our attitude has on us:

  1. Our attitude is a choice - We can choose to have the mainframe of positivity or negativity; which will be chosen?
  2. Our attitude will determine our actions - Our level of dedication and motivation is based on our attitude.
  3. Our success is a mirror of our attitude - positive attitudes will yield positive results.
  4. Fight to maintain a good attitude because the fight to regain one is a much harder battle

How can we improve on our attitude:

  1. Nourish our attitude - We must surround ourselves with a positive environment
  2. Build positivity by achieving a goal everyday - Make today great, Make today productive
  3. Document those achievements - Having something to look back on will help keep us motivated in trying times

TODAY, let’s take our attitude to another level. Feel free to comment below on your vision/goal/ambitions and what way you will increase in your dedication and motivation?

Again if you have not viewed the video please do so in preparation for Area/Day 3 breakdown on tomorrow. 

The reflection of change is within you. 

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