5 Areas of Change - Day 3 - Change in our Words

Day 3 - Change in our Words: Speaking life to our vision

Our words have the power to bring faith in our vision or fear to our vision. 

The effect our words have on us:

  1. There is the power to speak life to our vision - When we speak correctly God will give you what you say.
  2. There is the power to speak death to our vision - We can kill our vision before we even get to it by speaking death to it.
  3. Our words nurtures our spirit - Faith or Fear comes from the words that we speak into our spirits

Ways to change the words we speak:

  1. No matter what comes our way with negative intent - Make the choice to speak positive.
  2. Refrain from negative conversations - Don’t get drawn into counter-productive conversations
  3. Get around people that speak positive things - Helps it become part of your daily life

TODAY, let’s take the words we speak to another level. Feel free to comment below and speak life to your vision/goal/ambitions.

Again if you have not viewed the video please do so in preparation for Area/Day 4 breakdown on tomorrow. 


The reflection of change is within you. 

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