5 Areas of Change - Day 4 - Change in Expectation

Day 4 - Change in our Expectation: A Greater level of expectation

In wanting things to change and go to another level in life we must change the level of expectation. We have to expect greater things to happen, greater doors to open.

The effect of our level of expectation

  1. If we do not expect it then we will not attract it - Our determination (day 1), our attitude (day 2), and our words (day 3) are testament to what we expect
  2. It allows us to transcend present reality - Despite how our current situation may look expectation allows to see what is coming
  3. Expectation helps fuel courage - Our level of expectation helps to push us through times we may become afraid or uncertain times

How to improve our expectation level

  1. Be detailed about what we are expecting (write them down) - Writing them down makes them real; it gives us a target
  2. We must let go of past “failures” but hold on to “learned lessons” - Change our perception: Hindsight of our past can affect our foresight of what is to come
  3. Make sure we have a mentor - Having someone that we respect enough to hold us accountable and to encourage us

TODAY, let’s take our expectation to another level. Feel free to comment below your expectations for your vision/goal/ambitions.

Again, if you have not viewed the video please do so in preparation for Area/Day 5 breakdown on tomorrow. 


The reflection of change is within you. 

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