5 Areas of Change - Day 5 - Change from Fear to Faith:

Day 5 - Change from Fear to Faith: Fear destroys and faith builds and sustains

Two types of fears plague leaders: the fear of failure (How do I achieve?) and the fear of success (How do I maintain?)

The effect of Fear vs Faith:

  1. Fear paralyzes us vs Faith moves us: Fear will cause us to remain stagnate while Faith gives the courage to progress
  2. Fear brings doubt vs Faith brings hope: Fear will cause us to doubt our vision, purpose, and assignment while Faith brings hope and expectation of success
  3. Fear brings panic; Faith brings peace: Storms are going to come and the difference between fear and faith will determine if we make it out

Changing from Fear to Faith

  1. Know that we have POWER - As a relationship with God is developed power to over come fear is released more and more
  2. Be in God’s will - Even when storms come know that God will protect us and that He is investing in us; God will sustain us
  3. Reflection - When faced with a Fear or Faith moment: Remember what God has brought us through; Acknowledge how God is blessing us now; and Look forward to what God is about to do

TODAY, let’s take our Faith to another level. Feel free to comment below your faith for your vision/goal/ambitions.

Again, if you have not viewed the video please do so and recap the last four days.


The reflection of change is within you. 

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