Free Agency - Changing Your Team Roster

"As iron sharpens iron, so a person sharpens his friend." (NET) Proverbs 27:17 

Our team are those we let into our inner circle, those we carry and value a significant relationship with. The people that are on our team are the ones we hang out with, the ones we converse with, the ones that are suppose to help and support us getting to our goals and dreams (as we are for them). 
However, from time to time we must take a look at this roster and see who is really adding value to the team. Take a look at society and you will find out that people within the same financial bracket are known to hang together; people that are depressed like to be around other depressed people; people who are happy like to be around people that are happy. This scripture reminds us that we are reflection or a product of what we allow to influence us. 

So in the spirit of the NBA free agency frenzy that is taking place today I ask you to review who is on your team. Starting today, including this month, there are 6 months left in the year it is time to shift gears and accomplish what we set out to do 6 months ago. Ask yourself: 

What players need to be released? 
What players need to be resigned? 
Who do you need to go out and recruit? 

Reflection of Change is Within You!!!

Ewing Ikard II

Reflect. Inspire. Change. 
Spirit Checker

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