Leader Check Moment - 5 Areas of Change

Leaders until there is change in the areas of your life that you cannot see there will not be change in the areas of life that you can see. There are 5 unseen areas that must be address anytime you want to change the world around you.

  • Change in determination - your level of determination, your tenacity, the fighter within you must increase because each level of change has a greater battle. 
  • Change in attitude - your attitude, your mind frame cannot stay the same. What was great in the last season is only good in next season. Your motivation and dedication must increase 
  • Change in words - the bible teaches that the power of life is in the words we speak, the power of death is also in the words we speak. Also, teaches that faith come by hearing the words of God which is life. Adversely that means fear comes from hearing the words not of God, words of death. What are you speaking over your life and vision 
  • Change in Expectations - in wanting things to change and go to another level in life you must change the level of expectation. You have to expect greater things to happen, greater doors to open. If you do not expect it then you cannot not attract it. 
  • Change from Fear to Faith - two types of fears plague leaders: the fear of failure (How do I achieve?) and the fear of success (How do I maintain?) Deal with fears by praying and trusting God.

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