L.E.A.P to your goals:

L—LEARN—Embracing a lifestyle of learning:

Effects not embracing the lifestyle of Learning 

  • Unable to grow
    • Leaders will not improve
    • Will begin to decline
    • The vision will die  
  • Cause leader to lose touch 
    • Leaders will be uninformed or misinformed (the one thing worse than having no information is having bad information) 
    • Leaders will become unaware (Marketing and business trends) 
    • Irrelevant (the cliché of out of sight and out of mind is true has to deal with relevance)
  • Plans and Goals will be hindered 
    • Not growing and losing touch will ultimately lead to your plans and goals being restricted 
Key areas to continually learn

  • Learn about the different personalities
    • This will allow us to help understand the different tendencies that the people we hold relationships with and how to manage the different personality types 
  • Learn how to improve relationships 
    • Learning to improve relationships will help in networking and conflict resolution - without these two we will not be able to grow in our relationships 
  • Learn about your area of passion and purpose 
    • Becoming an expert in our fields or passion will help us not lose touch or be uninformed or misinformed. 
  • Learn how to communicate better 
    • Active listening (This makes people feel valued and respected) 
    • Clear communication of goals and vision (This let people know what it is expected of them and why it is important) 
Some ways to put ourselves in the position to learn is that we must invest in ourselves by doing more ready, taking classes, going to seminars. We must have a mentor or someone that we respect and experienced enough to not only coach us but hold us accountable. All these mean nothing with out the point of making the effort which means you actually have to do it.

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